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Kwame Mainu realized the tiny lady, Auntie Rose, like a former courier carrying medications from Accra to London who prevented a jail sentence by getting an agent for your British customs. On the check out to Kumasi in 1995, he was astonished to find Auntie Rose keeping together with his estranged spouse, Ease and comfort. Kwame experienced a chance to inquire Comfort concerning the sale of difficult medication in Kumasi as well as regarding the minimal ladys position in assisting to reduce it. ghana music
Auntie Rose slid down from her chair and said she would go away Kwame and luxury to debate their private business enterprise. Kwame experienced told Auntie Rose all the things he understood but he was positive that she experienced not thoroughly reciprocated. He felt that it experienced not been a fair trade. As common, he were outwitted by a woman. Yet, he welcomed the opportunity of the one-to-one chat with Comfort and ease. So youve joined us in supporting the abrofo, he joked.
Im doing it for my persons.
Do you see they may be in danger?
Yes I do. Many of them used to get wee however it failed to manage to damage them, at the least not completely. Now they are beginning to just take the hard prescription drugs and also the outcomes are incredibly bad.
Whos offering the medicine in Ghana?
Im not sure, but Uncle George and Mama Kate didnt sell them in this article. It must be some new individuals.
The Lebanese?
Im undecided.
Kwame remembered Comfort telling him with regard to the Lebanese parties she accustomed to go to in her teenagers. These celebrations of wine, ladies and song ended up just the sort of venues for introducing medications. Those events you utilized to visit; he stated, did they offer you medicine?
There ended up a couple of men and women taking wee, along with a lots of large drinking, but no tricky medicines.
Do you think they use hard drugs as of late?
I dont know.
If they can be selling medication in Ghana, would not additionally they make use of them at their functions?
Could you discover out?
Dont you believe I am way too old?
For the Lebanese adult males, probably.
For that 2nd time Comfort and ease seemed pleased at some thing he experienced explained, and for your next time he drew back again from blowing to the embers. I wasnt considering a personal investigation, he stated, but you are aware of some youthful shoe traders who definitely have not too long ago escaped, you should not you?
Yes I do. I will ask some concerns.
Kwame was curious about Auntie Roses background, so he requested How very long have you acknowledged Auntie Rose?
Oh, several several years; she was certainly one of Mama Kates girls, going to and from London.
Until she was caught?
Thats proper.
But she was hardly ever imprisoned?
No, it appears the abrofo believed she could be extra use as being a spy.
Posing as an agent of a British shoe company?
Mama Kates individuals imagine that is definitely her protect for her courier things to do.
Then shes a form of double agent!
Her existence is quite sophisticated.
Can we trust her?
I feel so.